Where is the good place to take foreign friends to?

[quote=“sandman”]I’ve seen the ads for that exhibition in various MRT stations. I had to look very closely, as one of them shows what appears to be a tiny man lounging against a stack of cauliflowers. Closer examination reveals it to be a normal-sized man against a stack of bales of raw cotton or something.
I haven’t been to see the exhibition yet but will definitely be going soon. Its on until Jan. 25.[/quote]
That sounds pretty cool…I would like to visit it! :smiley:

Went to see the photo exhibit at CKS yesterday and it was great. If you’re like me and insist on reading each and every caption, plan to spend a couple of hours there. There’s also a little souvenir shop where you can pick up great music, and some Earth From Above-themed gifts and souvenirs.

Some websites:

udn.com/earth (chinese)

Would make a great family outing.

Braxtonhicks, those links should be moved to the favourite websites thread. Outstanding! Are they selling any prints at the exhibition?

Sandman - if you dig that check out my favourite photog website - www.lostamerica.com

[quote=“sandman”]Braxtonhicks, those links should be moved to the favourite websites thread. Outstanding! Are they selling any prints at the exhibition?[/quote]When I saw the exhibition outside the Natural History Museum in London in January (boast, boast) They were selling a book of prints which I quite fancied, but I seem to remember it was on the expensive side. They might have sold individual posters too, not sure…

Okay, I’ll add them to the other thread. As for selling prints, is there a difference between “posters” and “prints”? :blush: They had some posters for a few hundred NT and I think they also had framing as an option. Not absolutely sure about that but I did see some that were framed so assumed you could pay a little more. Beautiful.

Posters would be fine. Thanks, I’ll have to get over there soon.
And AWOL, LostAmerica is wonderful. I’ve always wondered how to make pictures with those sorts of colours, and he does a good job of telling you. Not expensive, either. And I have everything I need except for the big battery and the colour gels. I am SO going to make some of these for myself.

i think your foreign friends would enjoy the sunrise show at Ali Mountain if the weather is clear that day. Certainly a must see must do must go must visit must cherish must linger must photograph must take in must remember must write home about adventure. That’s the memory they will take home with them.