Where is The Haven for A Total Novice to Learn Mandarin?

I mean: which courses? In which universities/ cities/ areas?

Thank you, :),


Well, that depends a lot on your needs and wants.
If you are self disciplines enough you can buy a lot of different kind of books and teach yourself at home and have conversation (practice) with your Taiwanese friends.
The way I strated was getting some learning books (that I don’t have anymore) and learned BPMF and practiced with my friends.
I watched a lot of DVD Cartoons with Chinese and English sub.
And that worked for me to start with.
Now, you also have all kinds of learning centers in Taipei. You can find them advertised in the China Post but I couldn’t tell you if they are any good.
There’s is Shr Da of course on He Ping East Road.
A good book store to begin looking is located right next Shr Da and has very good selections.
Good Luck.