Where is the nearest Nature store?

Where is the nearest Nature store near Chungsiao Sogo?? I need to get St John’s Worts but have no idea where i can get them. And what is the Chinese name for it? I hope they will have English on the labels.

There’s an international chain health food store on Chungshan North road. Just south of Caves Books. Take the MRT line from SOGO, west to the train station and then north to Minchuan West Road station. Get off and head down the road to Chungshan North Road. The health food store is within a block left or right on Chungshan. I can’t remember the name of it but you can’t miss it. I remember it used to carry St. John’s Wort. By the way, most studies have shown that St. John’s Wort does little if anything for despression. Better to seek real help and medication if you’re feeling blue.

Thanx. I will go take a look asap.
Actually, i’ve taken st john’s wort and its not too bad. It’s not as strong as prozac. That’s when u need real help. St. Johns wort just help with mood swings when you are stressed or PMS.
Its very mild and does not cause dramatic difference in your life.
I just take it when I’m really stressed.
However, thanx for your concern though.