Where is the new best place to get away from it all and live near the beach place in Taiwan?

It is the most popular place.

So universally accepted that Dulan sucks. Will the next place be kenting?

Personally I cannot think of any nice beach worth living or I would be there. Still suffering in Taipei with very frequent trips to Philippines and Thailand.

Universally accepted except for Lonely Planet.

But yeah, given how long Taiwan’s coast line is, its too bad that good beaches are so few.


Any place where this sort of thing doesn’t happen. :2cents:

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There’s some pretty decent beaches in Taiwan. The problem is that there are no great beach communities.

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Lanyu is great for “away from it all”, especially if you like goats.

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7-11 everywhere is more exciting than anything, cheap beer, food, coffee, you can actually live at a 7-11, what else do people want?

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No, the old sugar factory aka ‘cultural center-night club’ is the place to be Friday and Saturday night when all the English teachers from Kaoshiung live up the place.

You say that like that’s a good thing.

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Who said what?

Hualien is a nice place. There is some surfy communities around there or in Hualien itself.

Or you could live around Waiao, that place is ok.

I wouldn’t mind proximity to Kenting. But, in a word, no.

And diving. I like Orchid. Hot though, like a Mexican Siesta kind of hot. Can locals, Taiwanese, buy land there?

looking to move back? reason?

penghu by far has the best beaches in taiwan and it’s not close. less touristy vibe than kenting. magong is decent enough as a town. you can go to the activity beaches where there’s surfing and watersports, or you can go to the empty ones and just enjoy them with few others around. if you want to get away from people and relax on a non-shit beach with actual sand and not just a ton of ugly rocks, you can’t beat penghu.


i tend to agree after our visit there, but don’t the winters suck big time due to being continually windy, like some islands off the coast of Scotland or Ireland?

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yes it’s windy as hell, but the plus side is no one visits during the winters so the land is ALL yours! also penghu sucks when it rains. also you’re stuck on an island.

but despite all that, if i wanted to live on a beach to ‘get away from it all’, penghu would be the only option for me. mostly cuz i can’t stand grey sand shitty rock beaches that are standard for most of taiwan.

Well, Idk about that. I’m not much of a beach guy per se, hanging out on the hot sand all cancer day long, surfing or frolicking. I dive, so I spend minimal time on the beach. I gather driftwood for arty things and for burning magnificent bonfires. I’m thinking something blue truck driving distance from the water and you know, more interesting people and things ta do.

I appreciate the input. :+1:

Taidong coastline is where you need to be at. There is no other choice ('cept the outer islands).
There are hidden sandy coves that lie outside of Dulan.

No-one can say Dulan is where it’s at, but then where is anywhere in Taiwan?
Plus you’re going to have to give a little here and there, to get your beach. Dulan is alright, and does do music nights, folks gather there, there’s some Ok food.