Where is the old White Terror HQ in Ankeng?

Front page of today’s Taipei Times shows an old Garrison Command white terror HQ called the Ankeng Guesthouse. Presumably it’s in Ankeng. I live out there and have explored all the roads around, so I’m curious if anyone knows where it is, and could provide me with an address or a Google Maps pinpoint.


What a find; all the old buildings I’ve ever found had long-since been cleared out of just about everything.

The article claims martial law lasted until 1992, though. Strange.

It’s certainly strange that that could have survived eight years of DPP administration. Scary if true.

Makes you wonder what other interesting things are still out there to find.

Just abandoned…strange to leave the documents lying around with human organs (well I guess people wouldn’t be exactly queuing to take them home…but there are lots of old military camps in the same situation around Taiwan.

It’s the Ankang (literally peace and health, ironic isn’t it?) Guesthouse. And it’s in Xindian, not Ankeng.

Ankeng IS in Xindian :wink:

I checked the Liberty Times and you’re right it is Ankang (安康), not Ankeng (安坑). Still could be in Ankeng though, as Ankang Rd is the main road of Ankeng.

So anyone know where it is?

I’m not sure, and my knowledge of Chinese is very poor, but could this be it?

I saw the above address here:
taiwanimi.blogspot.com/2009/03/b … _5493.html
and here:
archive.lias.nccu.edu.tw/index.p … &Itemid=91

Here are some more videos, apparently from news broadcasts (the first three were on the same page):

Come on! seriously,this whole thing reeks of a bad propaganda stunt, incriminating documents and human organs just left lying around, for 20 years? :roflmao: at the same time Chen is in jail and the DPP is fighting desperately for some kind of relevance.

Seriously folks a little critical thinking please!

I love the videos,the musical score is bad horror movie/thriller…all the edits are tight anxious shots, good movie, bad plot; no suspension of disbelief possible with this kind of contrived tripe.

Oh well

Fair enough it sounds pretty suspect, yet I wouldn’t be surprised in Taiwan…things just get abandoned, as I mentioned there are many abandoned houses/camps belonging to ex-military all over Taiwan, Xindian has a large amount.

That’s it! Thanks. I just got back from checking it out. Shuangchen Rd is in Ankeng, just a couple of minutes from where I live. There was a big closed gate, but just as I rode up they opened it. There were a bunch of people there and trucks carting stuff away (rubble, old aircons and the like).

Not really. It says “The Taiwan Garrison Command was a military state security agency during the Martial Law era from 1949 to 1992.”

Proper phrasing or punctuation could have made it clear that the 1949-1992 refers to the Taiwan Garrison Command which wasn’t disbanded until 1992.

You’re welcome.

Grave dig here to provide more details about the notorious White Terror detention center in Ankeng, with more information now organized and provided by Taiwan’s National Human Rights Museum. In response to the OP’s unanswered query from 2009, a precise address is provided as well: No. 42, Juguang Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City (新北市新店區莒光路42號).

Some guy called “headhonchoII” participated in this exchange. I wonder if @Brianjones has seen this guy lately. Another guy called @Charlie_Jack also made some helpful contributions.

In any case, it’s astonishing to see how much more we are learning in the past few years about this terrible period in Taiwan’s recent past.



Thanks for the information, @afterspivak!

So a drug abuse treatment center is now on that site?

Or am I mixed up?

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That’s what it looks like.

The original buildings (if not the pain caused in them) are long gone. That’s why, in the 1990s, Shih Ming-teh wanted the so called “Oasis Villa” prison site on Green Island to be preserved (Lee Teng-hui agreed). And that’s why Annette Lu, in the 2000s, wanted the Jingmei detention center (in Xindian) to be preserved. And through preservation and reconstruction efforts, we have these two sites (there’s more on Green Island) that are now part of the National Human Rights Museum which (oddly) was initiated during Ma’s administration (he was very controversial concerning the repurposing of the Jingmei site as a “culture park”) before finally being launched in 2018.



Or are they? Tsai Ing-wen, accompanied by Chen Chu, reportedly visited the site earlier today. It is apparently to be folded into Taiwan’s National Human Rights Museum, which currently encompasses the White Terror sites on Green Island and the former Jingmei Detention Center in Xindian.


I was going to say I remember seeing something about remains on the Taiwan History FB group recently.

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It’s apparently going to get museumized (as have the existing National Human Rights Museum sites).


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Could it be this?


Try plugging that into Google Maps.