Where is the water in bottom of fridge coming from?

I randomly have a pool of water in the bottom of the refrigerator. Could be there for a couple days, or nothing for weeks or months.

The freezer is on the bottom below the fridge so it’s not water from freezer.

Seems to be too much to be condensation because it will be regular for a couple days then nothing for months.

Bosch brand with digital electronic temperature controls on top.

Have you seen an increase in water levels after the earthquake?

No, nothing different from earthquake. Just comes and goes for months and months.

Are you storing water bottles horizontally in the fridge?

No, nothing so obvious.

Have you tried turning it off for a couple of days to see if the water appears when the fridge is not running?

Haven’t tried turning off or anything. The water is mostly just an occasionally annoyance and doesn’t leak out anywhere.

Curious incident indeed. Have never had any issues with my fridges.

Are the seals good? The door not be sealing fully for some reason and creating an expensive dehumidifier.


We used to have this problem with our previous fridge because the rubber door seal was old and so door could not seal correctly when closed. Water then formed inside and collected at bottom.

Aha! Got to check the seal later.

Did you trace where the water cane from? I had a fridge with this problem and what happens is the water from the coils were blocked due to the ways being frozen. It instead leaked into the fridge compartment. Turn it off for a few days to thaw it out…

The water comes from the auto-defrost in your refrigerator, many fridges have this function so lazy people don’t need to scrape ice. Normally there is a tray under your fridge that collects the water and it just evaporates, some fridges have the heat-exchange running through that so water will evaporate quicker.

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There’s a thing under the cold coils to catch the water. What happens though is sometimes the drain gets plugged up with ice or other foreign materials. When that happens water has nowhere to go except into the fridge compartment, so you have to check that part. Empty the freezer and the back panel pulls off. You will see the coil. Look where the tray for the water drainage is… is it overflowing?

Do you have a pet?
You know, it could just be their favorite place to use as a bathroom…

Well I brilliantly discovered (accidentally found while cleaning) the obvious after nearly a year of water in the bottom of the refrigerator.

The condensation drain inside of the refrigerator was plugged up.