Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Dyfaliad da, ond dim

Nodwyd y person drws nesaf hefyd am lais swnllyd.

Ond roedd yn bennaf enwog am y gair ysgrifenedig


No…but I had a Co-driver from Wales :unamused:


Robert Owen?


Jacques Brel


That was going to be my guess.


But I think he was better known for his music than his writing me thinks…


Well, famous for his songwriting.


Tando’s guess is geographically closer, Hannes is - closer to the role of the person.



Roger François Jouret?


Plastic Bertrand. ha ha ha

Ou yi ou ah!!


Ok here is a clue:

“And all the herring smelling in the sea”


Dylan Thomas




At least I enjoyed two old songs… :slight_smile:

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He’s no Plastic Bertrand, but not bad… :grin:


Oh you saxons…


La Meeeer…


Im going to give them a listen now


Listen to that right now…

With images of Mr Bean floating by, but that’s OK, I love that film for some reason, lot of warmth to it.