Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Written in a few hours , I believe. Maybe on a train…the song. Played this at my Uncles funeral.


Looking for the place where this, uh…whatever is to be found.


Red Rock Canyon


The fossil cliff (“arriba fóssil”) Portugal


Alberta badlands?



In California. I knew this one would be easy. I’m still traumatized after all those frikkin statues.


Booyah. I thought west of Las Vegas, but don’t tell anyone…


Ha ha ha.


So you are saying there is still a chance ?:smirk:


:trophy: Dr_Milker: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: _ :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise_over_mountains:
geajvop: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:
tando: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella: :beach_umbrella:
RickRoll: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
ma3xiu1: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
shiadoa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
hannes: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: _ :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
hansioux: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
tango42: :earth_africa: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Gain: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Liam_Og: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
tempogain: :earth_africa: :earth_africa:
Mick: :earth_africa:
Fei-Fan: :earth_africa:
gaboman: :earth_africa:


OK, where shall we go next? Tadjikistan?


Lets keep it in eastern and western Wallonia until we feel safe enough to trust another human being again


Can we at least try a more interesting Stan?


Oh, is that a wallaby, tell me, tell me
where could it be, that wallaby




Location within a city


OK, processing

Is it in Australia?


Taronga Zoo?


The wallaby wished it was.


Why do you need location within the city then. Why not just city name + “the zoo”?