Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Next one is loaded and ready to go, waiting for another guesser




You are the Master

Interesting location, like Alcatraz for them critters.


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Looking for the name of this structure.



ballycarbery castle?


No, but that’s a great name.


Castle Varrich, Sutherland


Too far north.


That be Clun Castle Shropshire


Race Boy’s on a roll. :earth_africa:


This one may be too easy, for reasons that may become apparent, but a bit of nostalgia for me, as it was my family home when I was young.


Sweet crib…not so easy to find.


It was awesome for a young boy…Turrets… and the consevatory had Palm trees …it was like a jungle inside at that time . On the banks of a River with great salmon fishing. Next door property was owned ( in the past) by a Poet , Novelist and 1st Baronet


Kingsknowes Hotel, Galashiels.


That is some detective work ! I thought , as it is now a hotel, it would come up too easily.


Not easy at all, but better than some frikkin horse statue in the Stans. The Walter Scott clue was what helped in the end. It was either him or Tom Hardy. Good to see you’re checking your white privilege in a dump like Taichung. :sunglasses:


I like to be , “Far from the madding crowd”


In sparsely populated Taiwan. :sunglasses:


You missed my Thomas Hardy quip.:unamused: oops maybe wrong person