Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Erhai Lake?


west lake?



That’s the place. Although technically it’s a “sea” in Chinese.


Grrr… 20 seconds from my 10 minutes and I found it.


A very familiar feeling.


Lucked into it by typing beautiful lakes in china and looking at the pics.

I don’t think I’m very visual, so there was a lot of luck in that one.

Also, about visual stuff, I’m kind of Mr. idee fixe, I just hammer away at the same thing. I thought the Hyde Park pic was in Vancouver, but I kept saying, “Why is the bucket truck painted blue?” The simple answer would have been, “Because it’s not in Vancouver.” But no. . . .


Sorry, not buying it. Behind the folksy demeanor is a shrewd, cunning player. :sunglasses:


You’re very kind. :slight_smile:


I can’t figure you guys out, I mean, how you’re doing this. A lot of it looks like you’re just familiar with lots more places than I am. And then a lot of it is that you think quicker than I do (I think you guys got the Bulgaria one in half the time it took me). And then some is maybe you’re just all-around smarter than I am.

As I said, what little smarts I have are verbal, and they mostly sit atop a house of cards, namely, the non-verbal part, whatever name it’s supposed to have.

I said all that to introduce this:

I would like the name of the body of water partially shown in the picture.


The Mississippi?


A lot smaller, at least a lot smaller than the Mississippi is where I grew up (mostly Baton Rouge). I guess the pic doesn’t show the scale adequately.

Just to avoid confusion: The body of water isn’t in Baton Rouge.


I’ll add a clue that may seem odd. There’s an indirect connection (involving people, and, say, about three degrees removed) from the writer Honoré de Balzac to this body of water.

(And the body of water isn’t in France.)




No, it’s in North America.

Admittedly, there’s not much in the pic to distinguish it from other, similar features.

I’ll be a little more specific about the Balzac hint: Le Colonel Chabert contains a pretty good hint, and you wouldn’t have to go very far into it to be exposed to the hint.

I’ll add another hint: I’m not completely sure, but I think @geajvop may have somewhat of an advantage in this one.


Blue River?


A little “Count of Monte Christo” story? But seems to be more France/Prussian, so not sure I can work out the USA connection yet


The hint is much, much earlier.

You don’t have to go very far at all, but it won’t give you the whole answer. It’s a nice, big chunk, though.

There’s a certain element of tragedy in the whole thing.

The man who reportedly lived somewhere near the banks of this body of water was a remarkable man, although he wasn’t famous. He was not born in the United States.

I’ll add another hint: Balzac and heraldry, but not Ferdinand de Grammont. He just thought the things up. Someone else executed them.


Seine River?


It’s smaller than a river, and it’s in North America. The hint in the Balzac novel is located before the actual text of the novel.


I meant the one in Ontario. :grin: