Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Trying my Taiwanese out on you phonetically :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Trying to make me lia gong?


Manta in Equador?


Previous hint: Southern Cone.


Something is not adding up here. Southern Cone, but Formosa is warmer than Venezuela… Peru is not part of the Southern Cone, offshore island aren’t either, right? It’s not in Chile…


Leaving two Southern Cone countries. It’s not rocket science. And no, it’s not an island.


Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia are all colder than Venezuala, when it comes to distance to Taiwan, not?


@geajvop’s guess was the Formosa in South America. :grin:


Jeez, that was misleading. So let’s look for a place with a funny name in Argentina or Paraguay or southern Brazil?


I thought Brazil was eliminated already, and Uruguay was still in? @Dr_Milker?




I thought Uruguay was out. More likely than Argentina, because of the palm trees, right?


Yea I was thinking Argentina most likely too. Road surface markings in Uruguay seem different


It’s in either Argentina or Uruguay. OK, this is taking too long. It’s in Uruguay.


Wow, I guessed Argentina.

These are some of the things I think I see in the picture:

On the road, from left to right, I see what appears to be a two-way bike lane (the narrow lane with the dashed middle line), followed by a very narrow lane that I can’t explain, followed by what appears to be a parking lane, followed by two regular road lanes for automobile traffic (the lack of a dashed middle line between these lanes makes me wonder whether this a one-way street–if so, what a broad street!–and makes me wonder if there’s another broad street we’re not seeing), followed by what looks like another parking lane.

The river is wide at this place, suggesting it might not be too far from the mouth. Also, there appears to be something like a long pier, jutting to the left, halfway up the picture on the left side. The white specs in the river suggest sailboats (I’m not sure of that, though).


That’s a pretty long post not to contain an actual guess. :sunglasses:


That was for the others; however, the hint you just gave may render my post useless (boldly assuming my post had any use to begin with).


Just make a guess already. Sometimes a wild guess can be correct.


Fray Bentos?



What did I tell you!?!?