Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



That was close, @shiadoa nearly snatched it


I had it …missed again .


Very close, though.


Yeah, you guys are good.


I’m not in top form…no points for runner -up. Spent 6 hours of my day in Hospital. :hushed:


Sorry to hear about that! Everything okay?


My body is not the “temple” I thought. As a friend said to me, " After a lifetime of Motorsport and smoking, wild holidays, working too many hours, lack of sleep ,eating the wrong food, what could possibly go wrong ? :joy: Big praise for Taiwan Health …in today for check , operation on Monday :hugs:


Looking for the name of the blues musician or the name of the town

Thanks for the music @Charlie_Jack

Hope nothing serious @shiadoa


I never do half a job :slightly_smiling_face:…except in this Quiz :unamused:


Ill do my best to hold the fort and keep @Dr_Milker out, but I cant guarantee anything


Seriously!?! It’s perfectly normal not to start giving out hints after the very first guess. Some posters wait a lot longer than that.

Again, seriously!?! I said you were getting warmer because the previous guess was Venezuela. Formosa is much warmer than Venezuela.

I can’t believe you guys are complaining about piddly stuff like this after some of the shit I’ve been put through. I didn’t see @hannes bitching after @geajvop awarded a point to @shiadoa when he guessed the wrong spot because he said the place he was looking for was “planet earth.” I mean seriously, get some frikkin perspective!

Rant over. :sunglasses:


This is where I get busted. I don’t know much about the blues. I had an old friend who knows all kinds of stuff about it. One day years ago (before I’d heard about Robert Johnson), we were listening to Cream’s “Crossroads,” and I said, “I guess our [i. e., Louisiana’s] Rosedale was named after the Rosedale in England.” And my friend said, “You dummy, he’s singing about our Rosedale.” And I said, “But he’s British.” And my friend said, “Yeah, but the song was written by Robert Johnson, and he wasn’t British.”

And I’ve been a slow learner ever since.

@shiadoa, I hope you get better very soon!


You trying to make out that the spot wasn’t on planet earth? :joy:


Conspiring against other players? And I’m the one who’s not cool? Unbe-frikkin-leivable…




Forth Worth?


Back in a little while, gonna go to Cosmed or Watsons. (I hope they’re still open.)




Hope Milker’s first guess was about 300km off the frickn mark… :wink:


Oh stop bitching like a little girl and make a guess.