Where is this? {Pic Quiz: World}



Penny pincher…

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sixth Street, Austin, Texas


Is this in Mississippi?


Beale Street, Memphis?


All incorrect so far, given that there is a blaring clue in the photo I am not sharing clues just yet. (thats a clue)


So Mississippi is off the list?


Mississippi is neither a town nor a blues musician.


Well, I asked Mississippi and you said “all wrong so far.”


OK, I gues I need to be really specific then: For the record the name of the town is not “Mississippi”, and the name of the musician is also not “Mississippi” :wink:

They say a nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse. Non blind cows follow a different pattern if the scoreboard is anything to go by.




ten minutes between guesses please

Freaking hell, cavalry?? CAVALRY? Heeellp?


I waited more than 10 minutes.


Seven minutes since this guess


That wasn’t a guess and you know it. And you didn’t answer the guess previously when it actually was a guess.


Thanks for making me listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan right now… :slight_smile:


You ten minuted me for exploratory questions before. And yes I did answer I said it was incorrect.


The exploratory question was over 10 mins ago. And I answered your exploratory questions. This is getting ridiculous, seriously. Now is it Memphis or not?




Thank you. Now was that so hard?


Nice guess but no. Earlier


Main Street , Wortham , TX