Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


name of the pizza restaurant, exact location of the sanchong photo, and the town with the temple are all still outstanding if you want to take the point. Pizza one is easy


Sorry, I’ll have to pass it.
Let’s give a chance to someone who eats more pizza then I do… (Except when I’m back home. Love the pizza there, not much the one here)


I’ll Join in with something easy.


Sure that is Taiwan? Occitan villages of Calabrian Guangxi are not allowed according to the rules right?


Oh oh oh I got it.

Its on Matsu? Building style was confusing me.

Qinbi Village?



It’s in Taiwan.
Correct! It’s Qinbi


Sure its not Qinbi on Matsu? It looks identical


I saw your answer too late. You are correct.


Oh, Ok yea, ha ha. Nice one. That is a really interesting looking village, could have sworn it was Mediterranean except for the curved roofs that look Chinese, but I’ve never much seen those kinds of roofs in Taiwan, so I was well confused.


Wait…Matsu isn’t in Taiwan.


It’s in the Republic of China. Stop splitting hairs!



Hey, wars have been fought over this kind of thing. :sunglasses:


Its in China (Taiwan) as opposed to in Taiwan (China). This is nearly as confusing as Tommy and his Mom


Hey, your turn :smile:




Lihpao Land


Believe it or not that is actually not the correct answer. (its not in Taichung) You are very close though.




Ha ha, no, you are right it is an amusment park, thats why you were ‘close’. not geographically close though


Sun moon lake cable car?