Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


A bunch of milk and cookies I’d guess


Et tu…?


I’m not saying where mine are


I’m imagining it’s rather dark there… :wink:


No mine has a light. Big old whirlpool







Did someone delete an answer? I swear I saw Sanzhi and I had to make sure it wasn’t the same place. Anyway, the answer is the Wanli UFO resort. :milk_glass:


It’s a very Taiwanese looking UFO at this stage.


That’s what I put initially, and then I saw that it was you. (Didn’t you post the CKS memorial one?) So I thought it couldn’t be so straightforward, and sure enough, on further investigation, I found that it belonged to the smaller, less famous Wanli UFO cluster.:smile:


What a compliment! I actually didn’t know about Sanzhi, though.


No. 275




Gongguan, the indoor market building where the theater is?


You should’ve stopped at “building.” The theater is within a stone’s throw from it. Close enough. :cookie:


Oh, I meant the Wellspring Theater, not the movie theater. I don’t actually know what the Wellspring Theater is, but I’m pretty sure it’s in there.



I’ll take the name of the neighborhood or the nearest cross-street.


Oh yeah, the theater theater. I actually saw a musical there once. And the RMV is in there too.


Dinghow? Zhongxiao-Daan intersection.