Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


Why am I being put on a diet?


No. 41. Hints will be provided if at least 2 people ask.


Because it was No. 40.5


Ha, good answer.


Sports University?


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Chang Gung University?


Right answer to No. 41 !

Have you been there?



It’s a beach, not just sand. And it has specific forms, just like a piece of literature.


No, you could get here by MRT, then walk. But I took the picture in 2005, and went there by scooter.


Yes, I have. Made a video about the Taoyuan MRT and took a Youbike from the MRT station to that pond.

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No. 42


Fulong Beach?


could we add the person who got the correct answer needs to post a next image in 6 hours, otherwise anyone can post a next one?


Sure. Let’s make it one hour, though.

Rule update.

  • Post new images only after the last has been guessed correctly.
  • Next image is posted by the person who got the right answer.
  • If that person does not post an image within 1 hour, anyone else can step in.
  • If an image turns out too difficult to guess, give a hint or two.
  • One virtual cookie for correct answer.




I was actually going to guess it was north coast, up by Danshui, given the angle of the sun and the stones on the beach. But the guys clothes for some reason put me off.

Anyway. MRT. has to be up around Danshui. (Unless its out by the airport, goddammit, airport MRT)


Or Kaohsiung, KMRT. Qijin Island?


No. 41.5

Asia New Bay Area?


1 hour is very short time! If we want to play this game for many days we need to increase the time.