Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


I didn’t notice that is an official rule now.
Is the rule exempted if nobody makes a next guess in 1hr?


The rule does only apply to the Milker, to slow him down. Just made this new rule. Please continue. It’s not Green Island.


Then, somewhere on 蘭嶼?


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Just 蘭嶼 was ok? I have no idea on the exact place on the island of the photo.


Not a well known spot, so guessing the island is OK


No ones gone for awhile, so here 282. Provide the exact location.


Lotus pond at JungTai Temple in NanTou


I guess that’s one way to write it. Chung Tai Monastery in Puli, Nantou.

I need to start picking harder one, or do some serious cropping. :pie:




Somewhere in hualien?




Dongxing Temple at Fulong beach?








Of course.



No. 285


Too hard; can we have at least one pixel as a clue?


The lack of pixels is the clue.