Where is this? {Picture Quiz: Taiwan}


I am fine with whatever. If a poster has guessed correctly and is not posting a new pic within an hour, he/she is likely off line and/or is not interested in posting a new pic. So what would be a better time limit?

Is this getting a bit too serious…? :slightly_smiling_face:


I worry that we will run out of the places if we crank out 10 locations per day. I think even 2 locations per day is fine. Others may disagree.


No need to worry about that. As long as there are people interested in playing, there will be images. We haven’t even started with Google satellite images…


Alright. Let’s do this. If no new image in 2 hours after winning, someone else can post their image.


Rules update.

  • Post new images only after the last has been guessed correctly .
  • Next image is posted by the person who got the right answer .
  • If that person does not post an image within 2 hours , anyone else can step in.
  • If an image turns out too difficult to guess, give a hint or two .
  • One virtual cookie for correct answer.




We still have 2 photos to be guessed. Who gets the right for the next one?


Dr_Milker: :cookie: :cookie:
Hannes: :cookie: :cookie:
geajvop: :cookie: :cookie:
WindyTown: :cookie:


no , sorry.Do I get a virtual cookie for each wrong guess, or just half a cookie , as the guess was longer than 2 hours ? Or can I award a quarter of a cookie if the guess is within 100 miles ? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:if I am overthinking this , do I lose a cookie ? Wait !! I have no cookies :yum:


Not fishermans wharf?


Not Kaohsiung.





Sorry . in the South




almost…clue in the clothing


Can’t find my magnifying glass…

Dapeng Bay?


Anping Harbor?


That would have been my next guess…


Correct …do I get a cookie , or is that you? :smirk: Just outside the Racetrack


YESSS. Finished ahead of the Milker, he he… You get a cookie if you guess the last image remaining :slight_smile: