Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



Ha ha, no worries. I have to go out now anyway so ill let you guys sort out the mess. Murrrggha ha ha


@hannes is online thank God


Update (not much time this week, need to be patient)

:soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer: __ __ __ __ __ __ :man_firefighter:DR_MILKER (:1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :two::one::five:)
:tv: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ :fire: GEAJVOP (:2nd_place_medal: :nine::zero:)
:video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :uk: SHIADOA (:four::nine:)
:video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: :video_game: RICKROLL (:3rd_place_medal: :five::four:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ BOJACK (:seven:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ CHARLIE_JACK (:two::six:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ :de: HANNES (:2nd_place_medal: :six::seven:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ THE BEAR (:one::two:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ROOFTOPCLOWN (:three:)
:camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ MICK (:three:)

Players of previous rounds who have yet to make a correct guess
INCUBUS (:3rd_place_medal: :three::four:) TANDO (:five::five:) TEMPOGAIN (:three::four:)
HANSIOUX (:two::eight:) MA3XIU1 (:one::nine:) CHARLIE PHILIPS (:one::four:) FEI-FAN (:one::four:)
WINDY TOWN (:one::three:) FUMAROLE (:one::one:) WAI (:six: ) TANGO42 (:three:)
ZEPTO (:three:) GAIN (:two:) GRUEN (:two:) HEYHO (:two:) LIAM_OG (:two:) SHAOLEFEN (:two:) BRIANJONES (:one:) GABOMAN (:one:) OWNLEYES (:one:)


Not for long…

I see you are having fun with the adults (Milk and das Leader) being away…


Paging @hannes, the moderator!


Tell us all your worries @RickRoll :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: sure we can fix it all


Didn’t see much squabbling above, were there any problems?


What happens when the waiting rule is not respected?
To be honest, I was counting on @geajvop 5 min to place my guess…


Oh, was the Manneken Pis impatient again?


I did point that out … I thought if he waited 5 minutes for someone else to post it was ok . You know best watching … it was a bit frenetic keeping up . I’m sure @geajvop will respect any correct outcome between us


actually this was after the wait

No I didnt. but its long enough now: crater lake

Haha , you and your impatience Fair enough . I was worried that @RickRoll would spoil your

So there was a 5 minute gap no ?


Now, problem is, RR did not give the answer after the non-Wallonian posted the correct one prematurely. So, I guess no points for anyone?


Oh, wait.

Crater Lake :slight_smile:


If @RickRoll had posted within 5 minutes of the wrong answer , I would have given it …but you see the issue ?


I didn’t want to get the answer like that. Didn’t feel honest…


Bad naughty man :joy: Maybe best solution


OK, no point for no one this time.

Let’ move on.


I vote we give it to @hannes as that keeps the Status Quo between us and everyones happy ?


Well, @hannes DID provided the correct answer without breaking any rules… Hahahaha


Next time, if someone posts too early, just post your answer, and worry later. Posting too early does not count, so you can still post your answer, even if it does not feel honest. Posting too early = bad move.