Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



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Now, that would not feel honest. How about I post the next pic instead?

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Ready? Here you go. Let’s test your Cyrillic abilities.

Name the railway station


Is that you wearing a MAGA hat @hannes ? :joy:


No, and I think it says МPГA on that hat




It’s in Russia, but not very close to Kazan


St Petersburg


Colder, head east




Wrong time zone, more to the east.

A guy from the US wanted to visit once, but could not for some airplane-related reason.


Ulan Ude?


Ulan Ude would be this pic:

Almost there


Khabarovsk hehe


Is “hehe” Russian for railway station?

Nope, need to get back to UU and then some.


Omsk sorry long process


Now you are back too far west.

Omsk has a nice station though:

Trivia fact: There is a city in Chile that is the antipode of this city, located diametrically across from it.


Shame I dont know either city though to try haha. Just have to do it the hard way…


OK, let’s wrap this up. By train it takes 17~18 hours to get to that station from Krasnojoke, and it’s a major stop on the Transsib line