Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



Tough , if it’s a production car . At first I thought Marcos…but no

Then I thought maybe Cold War era Russian thing but…its seems more like a Zagato design ?


It was produced for 7 years, but only 84 of them were made.


That was hard Pegaso Z102


Getting devious @RickRoll :joy:


But you still got it! :tv:


It’s interesting how they came up with the name as a challenge to Ferrari. If Ferrari’s horses would prance, then the Spanish horses would fly!


As in , “Spanish Fly”


Make and model. Slight bump.


Slight? Man, I don’t want to see what you call severe bump, then! Hahahaha
As a side comment, this picture is worst than those your took in your garage… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thankyou :smirk:


This one seems it was modified for a race, was it?


Hmmm , more Rally , but production car also . It didn’t do so badly after falling 80 feet !


Let me throw a guess as a start…


no , but British , however the pic. not in UK, taken in 1964


Like a Mini-Cooper?


British but not made of metal, otherwise it would have, maybe , exploded after rolling over and down 80 feet


What do you mean not made of metal? Are all cars made of metal?

Oh wait… I can think of one not made of metal:


This was not steel :grinning:


Okay, so how about the Ford Cortina?


BIG clue above in TV series . Not a major Manufacturer, although the Royal Family had a few later models.