Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



Found it!
It is a Reliant Sabre driven by Bobby Parkes and Arthur Senior in Monte Carlo Rally 1964



:tv: We are now within a dozen or so , of the Cow :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t worry, when the bovine comes back, so the difference will increase again…


Let’s change the topic a bit.
Which movie was filmed here?


gloucester cathedral

Several movies including Harry Potter


I was having a look there , thinking I had all night , when you swooped in … like a hawk … or an owl :owl:


Or Like Sherlock!! (which was also filmed at Gloucester cathedral)


No Sh*t😜


That’s what I was looking for! :tv:
I didn’t know other movies were filmed there too. Thanks for the info. :+1:


Can we catch the shape - shifter, that is the question ? :thinking:How long will his better half keep him off Forumosa ? Who is taking care of his birds ?


That’s a good question!
But why shape-shifter?


Just a reference to his “animal” persona , and Harry Potter. I enjoyed the books at the time…until the last one, which was poor.


Ils le cherchent ici, ils le cherchent là… @geajvop


le nom de ce pont

(Ou comme on dit en japonais: “Kono hashi no namae o sagashiteimasu” )


Pont des Barris?


yeap whacked on the first guess :camera:


Perigueux Cathedral but didn,t find Pont name fast enough


Yea that was the distinctive feature there for sure


Especially when you have been dragged around it before :smirk:


This was also what helped me to find it.
BTW, the bridge is just the one at the right side of the pic you posted. :crazy_face: