Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)



It was interesting to know that even though it is located in Italy, it’s not part of Italian territory. It’s one of the few extraterritorial places that are part of the Holy See.


:soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer: :soccer: __ __ __ __ :man_firefighter:DR_MILKER (:1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :two::one::seven:)
:tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: __ __ RICKROLL (:3rd_place_medal: :six::two:)
:tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: __ __ __ :uk: SHIADOA (:five::six:)
:tv: :tv: :tv: :tv: __ __ __ __ __ __ :fire: GEAJVOP (:2nd_place_medal: :nine::three:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ BOJACK (:seven:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ CHARLIE_JACK (:two::six:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ :de: HANNES (:2nd_place_medal: :six::seven:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ THE BEAR (:one::two:)
:camera: :camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ROOFTOPCLOWN (:three:)
:camera: :camera: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ MICK (:three:)

Players of previous rounds who have yet to make a correct guess
INCUBUS (:3rd_place_medal: :three::four:) TANDO (:five::five:) TEMPOGAIN (:three::four:)
HANSIOUX (:two::eight:) MA3XIU1 (:one::nine:) CHARLIE PHILIPS (:one::four:) FEI-FAN (:one::four:)
WINDY TOWN (:one::three:) FUMAROLE (:one::one:) WAI (:six: ) TANGO42 (:three:)
ZEPTO (:three:) GAIN (:two:) GRUEN (:two:) HEYHO (:two:) LIAM_OG (:two:) SHAOLEFEN (:two:) BRIANJONES (:one:) GABOMAN (:one:) OWNLEYES (:one:)


What is this old man looking at?


Sky in UK?


Wrong continent


Sky in Canada?


It’s a man-made structure


In Canada?




Canada Place?


Vancouver? No.


Just that? No hints?


Not really needed. oops that was a hint right there…


Royal Ontario museum?


Seems like. I guess you got this one, bovine!


Just a wild guess.


Just in case it’s not, let me try another one:
CN Tower?


That was my first thought.


Yeah, but @hannes hint was kind of leading to your guess

“Not really needed.”
Not really
real = royal


Um, OK. But I hope you’re right, ha. :grin: