Where is this? What is this? Who is this? etc. (Pic Quiz: World)

Looking for the name of the ship.


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Great image, must be a shipwreck

You would think so, although I believe that in fact that guy just has weird fashion sense :wink:


No, its not a super easy one actually

Now you tell me.



Clue in response to the guesses and @Hannes Shipwreck question:

Its is not a wreck, it was scuppered. You could actually think of it as an underwater museum put there on purpose.

The Prince Albert

Excellent guess, you are very close


Yea, that one was confusing me. ha ha

HMS Alexandra

I don’t think that was scuppered? Anyway no, incorreto

Learned a new word, yah! Scuppered. (Could we scupper a milker when he gets outta reach again?)

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Well I’ll be scuppered.

I still don’t know what scuppered means.
I thought it just meant it was broken…

Intentionally sunk, like for artificial reefs or diving sites?


I see…
How about Bismarck, then?

USNS General Hoyt S Vandenberg?