Where should I live?


I think he said he will get a pension of 60k/month, and then top it up with work in tw that makes him another 40k/month.


NT$100,000 is plenty enough for Taiwan.
Your rent in central/south Taiwan could be half that per month versus Taipei. Street food in south Taiwan sometimes up to half as that in Taipei.

You want your money to go far, stay away from Taipei, plus winters in the north suck. Think of your Taipei apartment like you’re living in a refrigerator every few weeks.


OOOgood stuff - just the type of greasy/oily nutritious food a growing child needs!


have no fear. forgot to mention fruit costs half that of Taipei down south.


Pay, at least for part time teaching jobs, is considerably lower and harder to find in southern Taiwan. The 40-50k part time income will be harder to find and will require more hours of working.


That soup was invented by Mainlanders. I’m talking about Taiwanese soup.



I like this soup. It’s more like a drink when you eat. Not really like a course in a meal.


To each his own. Tastes like fishy dishwater to me. I’ve never had a Taiwanese soup I liked.



Except for Penang.


Not a distinctively Taiwanese bowl of soup if you ask me. That’s a pretty standard bowl of soup there in quite a few places. Why we used to make that every second sunday back in Gaurdia Piedmontese :wink:


I’ve never seen it anywhere else, but I’m sure you can find plenty of places with awful soup if you look.


Its a staple in my house. Not a particular favorite but it pops up alright


My condolences (I hear it’s good if you add a little congealed pig blood). :grin:


I don’t like pigs blood. It’s too gross.

Idk the soup is simple and not offensive in taste. Boring but you can’t really fuck it up or find much to dislike about it. My grandma used to make it with like 10 other dishes for a meal so I imagine a simple soup with like 3 ingredients is just what’s doable in that circumstance.


In Singapore, you will need to spends tens of thousands just to get a certificate that allows u to buy the car!


Yea that one looks a bit iffy all-right…


If I was in the type of situation you describe I’d probably stay put in Canada until my kid was University age.


This is a big part of why we want to leave - this article is no exaggeration.


Obviously, you’re never going to want to retire in Taoyuan for many other reasons, but there’s also a fair amount of meth use there.


There is more to it of course. But without going hard in details, I am in a physically very strenuous job, where I have had multiple injuries, with ugly shift work. As well, my family has a very bad genetic predisposition towards heart disease that has already started to rear it’s ugly head for me. I can take an early pension at 50, but it isn’t enough to live in Canada.

As well, we don’t consider moving with a 12 year old to be a horrible hardship on him as some do. I did it with no huge issues in my teens - kids figure out how to build a peer group with the people they have around them. In Taiwan this will be much easier to “steer” as well- in Canada it is close to impossible with public school. Also, we want our son to be exposed to a different culture, through language, arts, religion etc… The “culture” of Canada is boring as f#ck and mostly revolves around hockey, church, and political correctness, all of which turn my stomach at best.

Anyways, if you were wondering why, this is just the tip of the iceberg … Along with the Meth crisis that is …