Where to ask about taiwan id.and the household

If you want to ask about your family history like your father or mother or your brother and sister regarding their taiwan id.and household and my questions are:

  1. if i have a xerox copy of a updated taiwan passport and taiwan id.of my mothers siblings what govt office should i go to retrieve their household history and my mother’s parents history if they have a taiwan id.Or even a household during the old days?

  2. if we get for example only the history of my grandparents taiwan id.and a household registration during the old days can my mum use it to apply for taiwan permanent residence coz She is holding taiwan passport without household reg. and a taiwan id.?

  3. if we have a xerox copy of my mum siblings who have a taiwan passport and taiwan id.and we will try to retrieve there household also Can my mum use it to get a permanent residence without a petition from her siblings in taiwan coz there are not in good terms but they allowed us to bring there xerox copy of there passport and a taiwan id.?

  4. is the household registration office is centralized?meaning if you dont know the exact address of your siblings or your parents either Like for example they live in hsinchu my mum parents or siblings but we dont know they live there is hsinchu then u ask the household office in kaoshiong or taipei or any where in taiwan did the Govt household can retrieve there household?