Where to buy a laptop?


I use Ruten all the time, but I wouldn’t use that seller. It looks like they don’t have the item in stock, but resell from Amazon. So if there’s no problem, you can just order it directly.

It’s doable from Amazon. Just choose a decent shipping service. There are other places besides Amazon to buy from. But if you really want that one, use service at the link you posted. That will work as good as anything else. They don’t ship to 7-11, and neither will Amazon, but they do offer COD. I have a hunch, though, since they are basically dropshipping, that they will contact you and tell you they don’t in fact accept COD and you have to pay in advance.

It’s assuming you are a Taiwanese citizen. Probably won’t work, but did you try your passport? You do need to provide your ID info for a large purchase, but you can also give it to the shipping company and they will deal with it. I’ve had to give mine to DHL many times. You may need to contact customer support to deal with that. I’ve also ordered from them, but not for a few years.


Of course not. If my APRC doesn’t work (2 alphabet and 8 numeric digits), what makes you think my passport would?

As mentioned earlier:

When was the last time you ordered from Amazon?


That is simple and should work in 99% but not always. There is another way of Chinese address translation provided by ChungHwa Post. Check this manual and you will get 100% sure official English translation of your address.


I don’t, but I always try everything just in case.

A few years ago, as I said. It was before the rules on collecting VAT and duties got stricter. It could be newer accounts have this added, or more likely they have changed the checkout process for everyone. Products on Amazon are often sold by multiple third-party sellers, and they may have different requirements for collecting information. If you want to experiment, you can try clearing your cart and selecting the same product from a different seller. Some of those sellers also have their own eCom sites, so if the shipping information requirements are on Amazon’s side, the other sellers may not require it. As said, if you don’t provide the ID information to the eCom site, you can do so to the shipper as they are the ones who report it at customs.
Even if the 3rd part sellers don’t sell from their own sites, they may at other marketplaces like eBay.
Then, you could have something sent to a friend or relative in the US and have them reship it to you.
And there are services in Taiwan that will do that for you. I use SunnyBuy for small items. They do have a markup.

So I try everything until something works.

I only buy laptops and appliances 2nd-hand though. I do my own repairs (from parts off Ruten) so I don’t need warranties.


A few was a bit vague, could be 3 or 9. That’s why I asked.

Has nothing to do with the cart:


I contacted Amazon about this issue for you. They said it is due to the seller’s account and shipping method. If you pick a different buyer who ships through DHL, the shipping company will ask for ID once it arrives. They also said you can contact their customer support directly to fix the ID issue.

Amazon has never asked for my ID and I have made big item purchases many times. I have only ever been asked to supply ID to DHL and FEDEX once the item reached Taiwan. Once you give them your ID info, as long as you use the same shipping address, you never have to give it to them again. They keep it on file.

CUK is another good option. Google them. They can custom build for you if you want. Their prices and reputation are very good.



They got stricter last year. My point was things may have changed. Things did change on iHerb, from which I have ordered before and after the change. But they only require we give the shipper the ID documents.

My point was that, if you want to test it out, try buying the same product from a different 3rd-party seller on Amazon. You would need to clear your cart to do that. You may get different options in the address fields. It may be exactly the same. It may depend on who fulfills (stocks and ships) the package. It may not. There may not be 3rd party sellers. I always try every possibility.


My point was and still is that it has nothing to do with the cart or anything I’m buying. It’s in the “Edit Your Address” page. When using a Taiwan address, it has a box for “ID Number”. I’ve not added anything to the cart.

Here’s a screen grab so you get a better idea.

This is in “Your Account > Your Addresses > Edit Address”.


I checked my account. Don’t use the Amazon app on your phone. Go to their actual website. Login to your account. Add or change an address. Input your passport number. It works.
I just did it 5 minutes ago. All my addresses did not have an ID, so I just put in my passport number and it accepted it just fine. No need for Taiwanese ID / ARC number.

See, says nothing about what you can or can’t input.


I see, you’re editing the address. I just went in an put an item in my cart and checked out with a new address in Taiwan. An ID number was not asked for. I didn’t finish checking out because I don’t want to buy anything, so I can tell you if anything else is requested, but if I go to the edit address page, there is an option for a Taiwan ID, but it is not required. If I ever do order anything from them again, I would proceed without it and give it directly to the shipper. I would more likely buy it elsewhere.


Not even using my phone. Just using the website at amazon.com. That’s where the screen shot was from.

When I try to save changes, it says: Please enter 10 characters for ID Number. <br />It consists of one letter and nine-digits

So I just leave it blank.


You will be fine. The shipping company will contact you and ask for a copy of your passport once it arrives in Taiwan.

I bought a 35000 NT laptop a month ago. No problems at all.


Thanks, this is what I figured. Just wanted to get somebody’s recent first-hand experience.


It looks like you can’t have 3rd party sellers ship internationally anymore, or at least not as many. But you can still find which 3rd party sellers have the same product and buy it directly from them if they sell outside Amazon. Amazon seems to have implemented their own global shipping.


A seller who uses Amazon’s platform to sell can indeed ship internationally. I had a laptop custom built by CUKUSA, they then opened a listing on Amazon so that both they and I could use Amazon’s global shipping service. This was a month ago.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I set my location as Taiwan and chose a 3rd party seller, but when I started to check out it wouldn’t let me. I did that three times, but there was no problem with Amazon fulfilled products. It was 3/3 failure, but there are probably some that will work. Maybe they have to products that are fulfilled by Amazon but sourced from a 3rd party. That is different from a product that is both sold and fulfilled by a 3rd party. Could have been some other issue as well. I didn’t try very hard since I would prefer to buy from anyone but Amazon. I just use them for business.




Have bought a bunch of stuff through Amazon recently, no hassle or numbers needed


I dislike giant corporations, but it’s not like a cause or anything. I just don’t think they care as much about their customers and it’s harder to resolve problems. I do use their web services, but I don’t have to talk to anyone. I use Alibaba as well, and they were nice enough to call me today to see how it’s going. It was a Taipei number.

What shipping service do they use? Were you above or below the NT$2000 customs threshold?


I’ve heard dhl charges a fee like they do in the USA and Canada for acting as the broker to collect taxes. In the last they didn’t but I’ve heard it’s a new thing so that will add to the cost.