Where to buy a suit in Taipei?

Where is a good place to get a suit in Taipei?

The reason I ask is because a relative of mine is terminally ill and I need to have a suit to wear for the inevitable funeral.

I’m not a rich man so nothing too expensive, but it ought to be decent and acceptable.

I am average height weight and build for an Aussie (European descent).

Thanks in advance.

You can try to get a tailor made suit at an AMG store.
I got my last one there and they offer good quality at a good price.
They have many stores, but this is the one I went to:

號, No. 249, Nanjing West Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
02 2550 9111

Are you only wearing it once? You could rent a suit.

I rented a suit from Vandome (link to Google maps below). I forget how much it was, but it wasn’t cheap… but cheaper than buying one. I’m a very tall American and their largest size almost fit me (but was close enough).

凡登男仕禮服 VANDOME
02 2597 7600


Don’t they make adjustments too?

Yes, they can make adjustments. So, I was wearing a suit which was altered to fit me… but it wasn’t tailor made for me.

The only reason I say that it “almost” fit is because my wife says that she can tell that it wasn’t tailor made. But I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this and another suit which was tailor made for me (but I left my tailored suit back in the States, which is why I rented one)

Does it need to be tailor made? If you are on a budget, first check out Zara, Uniqlo or NET.


5000 NT gets you a two piece suit at G2000

Yeah I’m kind of surprised at how nice these suits actually look. Pre-tailored for slim people. I usually have my suits made but I would wear these.

Maybe I’m wrongly assuming the funeral will be in Taiwan.

People wear anything t-shirts and slippers or anything goes to funerals here for anyone guests or family. At a funeral recently and people wearing Lakers T-shirts or whatever they happen to be wearing that day including slippers and shorts.

Depending on the type of funeral and how close you are to the family member they might even ask you to cover up with a particular robe that immediate family members wear. They offered me to wear one and I’m just a friend of the family but I declined.

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hey man, sorry to hear that. Hope all is okay with you.