Where to buy a used motorcycle in Taipei

I’d like to buy a used motorcycle in Taipei. Does anyone know of any shops, web listings or have one for sale? I speak practically no Chinese. I want something cheaper: 25,000 to 35,000 NTD (or less) is what I’m aiming for right now. This would be plenty to get a small working bike in NYC.

I never thought I would be happy on a bike under 600cc but last year we got my girlfriend a 1975 Honda CB200. It’s slow but loads of fun! I rode a SYM 150cc here in Taiwan and it was like a fast bicycle but It was a lot of fun. I want to use it to commute around town and eventually tour the whole island. I don’t mind if I go slow. I would love to find some kind of small displacement Japanese bike but if I can’t, a cheap 150 or 125 like the locals ride is fine. The quality is a little scary but if everyone else gets around on them I’m sure they’re okay. It’ll be an adventure!

If I do get myself one of these little 125s, does anyone know any good mods to get some more torque out of them? Nitrous? :wink:

Also, it would be nice to meet riding buddies if anyone lives around the Taipower Building station of the green MRT line.


I have no Chinese either, Google translator is your friend! Most shops will try to speak English, if not, move on to the next one there are plenty of them.
Try searching here:
tw.serviceplus.yahoo.com/auto/ca … 10&vmode=0
Send a PM when you pick something up and we can go for a ride. Good luck!

Couple more things: there are a bunch of shops on Sec 4 Yanping North Rd, right around where it intersects with Minzu West Rd.
And unlike NYC, cheap MC here means build quality not price.
Go fast parts…plenty for scooters not sure about bikes. Bought a Yamaha Cygnus X, was a dog till I put a complete clutch kit in it, better but will put an FI tuner, cam and pipe on it soon. I ride mostly liter bikes, sold my RC-51 when I left Japan, still have an R-1 in the states but totally agree that small displacement bikes can be a blast. Got into a 250cc 4-stk racing series in JP and rode a 91 Kawasaki ZXR250R, perfect bike for a small track. Taiwan is small, speed limits are low with tons of camera traps, you can’t ride 2 wheelers on the expressway/highway/interstate whatever you want to call it, and 530,000ntd for the KTM 500EXC that I wanted is just stupid.
I’m interested in something like this but need to do a bit more research on them, see witch is better. Getting info arond here is like pulling impacted wisdom teeth!
tw.serviceplus.yahoo.com/item/de … 521#!tab=0

If either you is interested in something reliable and fast I have a Yamaha RZX that is sitting idle as I ride the hell out of my NSR. Its a 135cc 2-stroke from the 80s, good-shape, new paint-job. I can let it go for $30000 ($1000USD).

This is the FS thread. forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtop … 2&t=117001

for some reason my FS thread was deleted?