Where to buy anodised aluminium dial clock?

I came across an amazing clock today and want to know where I can buy one. Seems it is made by a group in HK called SUKO. This clock from Suko features an unusual anodised aluminium dial, which moves anti-clockwise while the time is read against a knob. it is absolutely amazing how it works. You can see a photo here:


Does anyone know where I can buy one in Taipei or online? And how much?

FYI: Used in the Pisa clock made of beech in cherry finish (US$8.75 each FOB Hong Kong), it moves anti-clockwise and time is read against a knob. This mechanism and finish are repeated in the Arch clock (US$9.95 per piece) that has a recess partially hiding the gear mechanism. Both clocks, sold under the ARTempo brand, require a 600-piece minimum order with delivery after 45 days. “I see our clocks as art,” says Suko owner Yaron Meir.