Where to buy BodyGlide Anti Friction Skin Formula?

If you’ve seen such a product, Bodyglide or Lube Stick, for runners or athletes, I’d appreciate knowing the store’s location.

No idea if they have it, but it’s worth checking out MetrOasis, by the corner of Zhongshan and Civic Blvd. It’s an outdoor store, with gear for campers, hikers, cyclists, etc.

Hydropel is another good one. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

I was looking for the same thing and happen to go to that same store on Civic and Zhongshan. I couldn’t find anything there. Any luck anywhere else? I’m itching to find some!

Another place I’d check is Ting San Iou, near the corner of Zhongshan and Zhongxiao.


I hate to bump this topic up. Has anyone made any headway about where to find this stuff? I have looked in numerous places and haven’t seen it. Anyone else have any luck?