Where to buy booze

Forget about wine and beer; I’m talking whiskeys, tequilas, gins, vodkas (including flavored vodkas), rums, and liqueurs. Plus mixers: grenadine, syrups, etc.


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Been there, done that. Looking for more choices. Where else might one find these mystical elixirs?

Also, any good sources of grenadine (not that gawdawful “Lime’s” crap), or do I have to buy pomegranates and make it from scratch?

There are many non-chain shops with better prices than Drinks. More for whiskey and wine than other stuff though. Carrefour could be added to your list.

RT Mart has a fairly unusual selection of stuff as well, at least as good as Carrefour.

One thing worth buying in Carrefour is the Zubrowka vodka, it’s really nice stuff and not terribly expensive.

Usually Carrefour. They always have something that is on sale. If the price is good, I stock up some. Also, right before certain holidays, there tend to be a lot of good deals.

Carrefour and Drinks are my preferred outlets for booze purchases. Decent prices and selection.