Where to buy cheap affordable jeans and clothing?

Is there a good local brand for jeans and other local clothing? I checked out Uniqlo and jeans are like $1500 each! Is there something around the $400-800 NTD price range in local markets? I just need regular blue or black jeans, I’m not picky since they’re all the same.

Jinmei night market but during the day, they sell leftovers from factory samples, Lee, Levi’s, Western sizes.


Uniqlo jeans are considered affordable. I like uniqlo for the basics, they’re good quality for the price. They’ll also last with decent construction. It’s a good place to get basics.


Where did you learn this?

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NET. its a taiwan brand i think? it’s cheap and they have pretty good stuff.


I’m not too sure about the lasting part. I’ve only bought 1 pair, but within a couple of months the threads in the crotch were coming apart and making a nice big hole. Only visible when sitting down luckily. I have to say though they were very comfortable.

Jeans at Costco are under 1000 I believe. I bought a pair of Levi’s there that have been great.


I haven’t bought their jeans before. But I have a few other stuff from them and they’re pretty well made.

Jesus give the guy a break. Local brands like NET are cheaper. Jeans currently on sale for $600NT

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Thanks for the tip, found some 150 NT jeans on there… seems too good to be true but will give them a try

If you showed me these jeans vs Uniqlo 1500 jeans I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference: https://m.net-fashion.net/product/311611

Uniqlo is cheap and also comfy with lots of options

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GU is the even cheaper version of uniqlo, also lower quality.

Muji also has a clothing section.

I buy my socks at Carrefour because they have a style I like but also they are cheap, so while I haven’t checked for other clothing, it might also be cheap? I know their shoes are.

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You can check some of these places for cheap jeans and clothing


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150 nt jeans? Wow are they clearance?

Is already sold Out (售完補貨中) and also it says 零碼出清.2件5折 , so you have to buy 2 clothes to get the discount , bust still is very cheap

You will after you wash them a few times.

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I buy my favorite jeans used on ebay and have it shipped. Cost me about US$20.

The best way is to learn how to make your own clothes. Taiwan manufactures a lot of commercial sewing equipment, so you should be able to get some good deals to set up a home factory if you go to the manufacturers directly with a local. And then buy the fabric in bulk.

I usually sew a new outfit for the day every morning. The cost is much lower and I get to change my look constantly.


Went with my wife to H&M here in Ximending. 499nt for jeans that she absolutely loved. She complained that cut on the jeans at NET were strange and uncomfortable.

I don’t understand this poster. When it comes to clothes, I buy things that will last me a long time. I have 1 pair of raw denim jeans, it cost me $300. This is the only pair I have, I wear it all the time. It continues to look better with each wear and wash. I expect it’s going to last me many wears.

This is better because I’m against fast fashion. It’s really rough on the environment to make a bunch of cheaply made clothes that will last a season. They aren’t made to be worn for a long time.

I’m also aware of something called cost per wear. I would rather spend more on something that will last longer, it makes more economical sense.

These seem like common sense for someone who is a high earner.


Yeah. Uniqlo and Gap are my go-tos for everyday stuff.

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