Where to buy Chili Powder? Name?

Where to buy dried, ground chili powder? I feel like it’s right in front of me with a bad translation. Not spicy, nor sweet, just brown “chili powder” so I can make some Chili n beans!

Ps, bonus question, where do I buy pepperoni?

It’s pretty common, the glass bottles with green cap brand has it. It usually says “Mexican Chili Powder”, Moxige la jiao in Chinese

I found pepperoni at Costco and Carrefour.

Like tempogain said. But you do have to be a little careful, because sometimes chili powder is just going to be ground cayenne, and other times it’ll be a spice mix - which is what North Americans usually mean when they say chili powder. The chili powder I’ve bought here is a relatively dark color, whereas the cayenne is more on the red-orange side.

I like the (Hungarian) salami I buy at Costco, especially the spicy version. I don’t recall seeing anything called pepperoni around, but if you’re insistent on pepperoni rather than salami, I’d start with the Tianmu/Zhishan Station Carrefour.

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The best place I have found for stuff like that is: 全國食品材料行 at No. 85, Dayou Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 330

I haven’t looked for chili powder per se, but I’m sure they have it, and probably a brand printed in English. Their selection of international ingredients is better than anywhere else I have found.

I’m a California guy, so I love Mexican food, which is almost impossible to find in Taiwan. I buy chipotle peppers in adobo sauce there, as well as a variety of other international ingredients. I don’t buy the tortillas though, they’re frozen and it’s better to just make my own since tortillas are easy.

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