Where to buy Covid-19 protective gear

Dear all, my boyfriend is forced to return to Europe in a few days due to his employment. He felt super safe here and is panicking about returning into a country, that still has a lot of cases and has loosened almost all restrictions, is not wearing masks and the population that is largely in denial of the severity. He needs to commute three hours a day to unpack from work . Also he would like to protect me once I will return later, since I have 2 heart conditions . Now he would like to protect himself as best as he can and for this he needs N95 masks, a shield/visor, protective glasses. Protective glasses he can get in the pharmacy without a problem and of course he has the simple masks, but not N95 masks and not a visor. Could you please help and recommend places where we could purchase that for him to take home if this is legal?

Teliwu 特力屋 sells n95 masks.

I also have had regular cloth masks bought from Japan Medical and had a seamstress attach strings on them too.

Flying gear:

I saw the white coveralls being sold at tourist stores on Yongkang street, of all places.

Go to any whatchamacallit store and get plastic booties, the ones for rain cover of shoes.

The plastic face visors you can get online for like 40 NTD. Also sold in some traditional markets. Night markets and street vendors have the wraparound clear plastic glasses for like 100 NTD.

N95s at Shanghai Pharmacy. The ones at Teliwu are not medical grade respirators.

Get adult size diapers there too, for the flight and airport.

Take a lot of zinc, vitamin C and holy water. Oh and plenty of alcohol toweletts since liquids are banned.

Get cotton gloves, better for long use than surgical ones.


My neighborhood whatchamacallit general stuff store has the visors, really cheap. In Dapinglin. Xindian.

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how much are you thinking of getting? just for him or for the family?

for bulk there a a few places online ( one below)


Where in Europe?


Thank you very much, just for him

Thank you very much, but this will be a little bit too much, he will be already looked at When wearing a mask and the shield, I think a whole bodysuit is not necessary for him😀

A lot of pharmacies are selling KN95 masks, just go to a few to compare prices.

Good luck in Germany (I’m assuming)

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【現貨】Dupont Tyvek 400 美國 杜邦防護衣(1422A) D級 #山田安全防護 # 出國 搭機 #防疫 https://tw.bid.yahoo.com/item/100820780417

Protective suit

【現貨】DUPONT 美國杜邦防護衣 出國搭機防疫 組合包 五件組 #絕對超值#山田安全防護 https://tw.bid.yahoo.com/item/100848492336

Whole set

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