Where to buy decorating / writing icing for cookies in Taoyuan/Zhongli area

Hi guys,

Do you know by any chance where I can buy decorating/writing icing in Taoyuan or Zhongli area? I thought I would get it in carrefour but they do not have it there.
Many thanks in advance for any help!

Most baking supply stores should carry it. For example, AiJia, but you might find one closer to your home by searching “baking supply store” on Google maps.

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This place on Dayou Rd has everything, every baking supply you could ever need:

No. 85號, Dayou Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, 330
03 333 9985

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Oh is that the fantabulous bakery supermarket? Awesome!

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Thanks a lot guys for your help!

I was also searching for this. Thanks for providing the help!

Looking forward to more amazing information!

I went to baking shop in Taoyuan, 498 Yong’an Road. They have literally everything what you need to bake including decorating icing and they speak English.


Are you going to share photos of your work?

This time the entire shopping was for school not for me😁