Where to buy dry Mexican beans

Specifically black beans and pinto beans. I’ve seen black beans for sale here but they’re always black soybeans. The Indian food store has a great selection of dry beans but they don’t have these two varieties either. Anyone know where to get black and pinto beans, preferably at reasonable prices and in bulk?

I saw them before at DOLLARS Hypermart in North Kaoshiung, not sure where in other cities though?

Black beans here are very spicy… it’s not the same.

I wonder if Eddie’s Cantina has a source…

They sell cans of both in the carrefour by me, in the ‘imports’ section along with salsa, tortilla chips, pesto, etc. Though I just realized you asked for dry beans, so maybe not too helpful.

Pinto beans are usually 花豆 in Chinese, I found dry ones at Carrefour, also on Pchome

you can also find them at traditional markets, in the stores that sell rice, sugar etc.
i used to buy them in the spice shop below to where it says vegan restaurant here:

they sell for 80 NT for 400 grams.

Pinto beans are fairly easy to find at the traditional markets - or if they’re not quite the same, they’re similar enough that I can’t tell the difference.

I’ve always ordered dry black beans from iHerb, although I’ve also seen them for sale at Kooks in Danshui.

@Nomad4ever uses black beans purchased here for Mexican food - maybe they could chime in with whatever the Chinese name is of that bean.

Bought some at Carrefour last night.
I think the package said 花豆.

It’s always nice when the fresh pinto beans are in markets, around January.

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I always forget that beans have a fresh stage in the cycle. What do you do with fresh pinto beans? Do they need cooking at all, or just eat them raw, like good peas? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recipe that uses them.

it’s kinda expensive for what it is… I got sick of beans in Texas, some places it’s all they eat…

I use them in pasta y fagioli mostly. I think they’d be great in any recipe calling for white beans. They’re no different than dried etc, we’re just not used to seeing them. They need to be cooked.


I saw them at I-Mei stores, not so cheap at NT$150 I think, for that can get 5 bags of chilled Salmon or prawn fried rice bags there.

Pinto beans on shopee 我發現超棒的東西『花豆 600g 一斤裝45元 半斤裝25元 大紅豆 紅豆』,售價$25!分享給你 https://shopee.tw/product/11274258/991636407?smtt=0.0.9

Which ones, black beans or pinto beans? Or both?

Black beans. Seems expensive at NT$150 for small box

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Wow. See pinto a lot. Not sure if they are the same variety ot flavor as Mexico though.

Black beans i have yet to ever see here other than canned imports. Always soy. Would like to get some myself, way better bean!