Where to Buy Good N95/N99 face masks in Taipei

Droplets isn’t what they’re talking about when they talk fluid resistance - they’re talking like pressurized squirts of blood.

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Ah, like my walls.

Anyways, medical grade N95 are still cheaper.

You don’t often get a huge gush of COVID infected fluid in your face in everyday use. Unless you work in San Fernando valley, I guess ^^

Little general update: seems like many pharmacies are low on stock, at least in the Nangang/Donghu area. 3 pharmacies had stock, but one only Chinese no-name, one only with valve, and one 3M but overpriced at 2000NTD/20pcs.

Online is still no problem to get them from Taiwan stock, at least the 50packs. Or from China. No idea how much fakes to expect online, though.

Donghu PX-Mart is selling 3M quite cheap :eek:

But only with valve.