Where to Buy Good N95/N99 face masks in Taipei?

Droplets isn’t what they’re talking about when they talk fluid resistance - they’re talking like pressurized squirts of blood.

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Ah, like my walls.

Anyways, medical grade N95 are still cheaper.

You don’t often get a huge gush of COVID infected fluid in your face in everyday use. Unless you work in San Fernando valley, I guess ^^

Little general update: seems like many pharmacies are low on stock, at least in the Nangang/Donghu area. 3 pharmacies had stock, but one only Chinese no-name, one only with valve, and one 3M but overpriced at 2000NTD/20pcs.

Online is still no problem to get them from Taiwan stock, at least the 50packs. Or from China. No idea how much fakes to expect online, though.

Donghu PX-Mart is selling 3M quite cheap :eek:

But only with valve.

Carrefour now carries KN95, 3M model # 9513 (without valve). Made in Singapore. With quite comfortable fabric encased ear straps. Much tighter fit than the made in Taiwan “LAITEST” brand ones sold in Hi-life that I’ve been using recently. That fit is not only important for protection function, but also for preventing glasses fogging - a main reason why I use (K)N95 instead of surgical masks anyway.

5 pcs. NTD129

Seen in the new Nangang location:


Thanks, I just bought this at my local Carrefour. I would say the only imported mask I could see on display, the rest generic Taiwan made stuff in lots of different colours, but not really any substantive product differentiation. There is some horridly long CN code slung on all the boxes, but I couldn’t care to research how this standard protects me as a wearer of these things, and whether manufacturer compliance to this standard is in fact monitored. I would say, with the explosion of manufacturing of these masks locally, any sort of oversight of mask efficacy, safety etc would be way behind. My opinion only. In Taiwan, we’re just stoked to have masks, masks for everyone! So far, the two locally made N95s I’ve tried, in comparison to international brands, were very easy breathing.

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I’m surprised people are still looking for N95 here. I thought most were looking to throw the damn things away. :joy:

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Wait for the winter pollution to kick in.


That’s true. I’m lucky to live in an area that remains pretty clean, even in winter.

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While I understand your feeling towards masks, it might help to remember that even before Corona there were good use cases in Taiwan: I couldn’t imagine driving my scooter in the city without N95 or similar. And this will be necessary until we are mostly electrical on the streets… And even then, dust is still a problem.

The above mentioned ones have consistently been available in all Carrefours that I visited the last months. Recently they also had the “classic” 3M model # 9501 again that I used to buy for years for scooter driving. It has a much tighter rubber strap, can be a bit hurting if wearing long (and without adding silicone ear pads). 5 pcs NTD160, but made in China :frowning:

Well… Carrefour nangang doesn’t carry any N95 anymore. I’m surprised, because even before COVID those were popular with scooter drivers.

Anyway: who has recently seen in Taipei physical stores that open Sunday N95 masks by M3 not made in china? Where were these?

(TL and others: No need to post "I don’t know but maybe look here or there or online - yes I’m looking in all supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies that I pass)


Hola nangang has them

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