Where to buy masks in Taiwan

Poya in Sanxia is currently selling black surgical masks.
Box of 50 =$400NTish.

Local pharmacy has normal blue or white boxes of 50 =$395NTish
They also sell kids 3D masks for $500NT box of 50.


Everywhere has them for about 299 to 350.

Like everywhere now


Many places are selling masks not made in Taiwan too. Saw tons at Carrefour from Japan and Philippines. RTMart had them from Philippines. And quite a few other places selling non Taiwanese masks.

Always read the box or ask.
Not always easy to find made in Taiwan and government approved.


350 台灣 made on shopee 24 hr. Free delivery and pick up from convenience store in a day

There is one brand , the Medtec or something ones. But they are made by a Taiwanese brand in the Philippines. I don’t get why Taiwanese are freaking out about this. They have to get local certification and its not like a mask is precision engineering.

The problem with the Chinese masks were that they were pretending to be Taiwanese

This not true, they are everywhere


Why take the risk and order online with a product which has a high risk of being fake if you can buy the same in many reputable chain stores for the same or even lower price?

Quality of mask that matter . Different quality mask are available in market but quality is not same and some of them are not approve by health ministry also .

Beauty Cheap / Simple Mart often seems to have MIT surgical masks for around 259NT. Sometimes you need to have a membership card (or don’t speak Chinese) to get that price, sometimes only with a purchase of other things over a certain amount.

Many pharmacies carry (K)N95 without valves

quite low risk if its a reputable brand. Especially if it comes from Shopee 24, which means that the stock comes from Shopee own warehouse, there is 0 percent chance that would be fake basically.

People are busy and dont want to walk around shopping around. Its good to get stuff delivered to your local 7-11 so that you can pick up when you want, whenever you want.

Most pharmacies now carry surgical masks in boxes now. Make sure they say surgical or 醫用 on the box, and make sure the size is for children or for adults.

If you could pre-order government issued masks, you can pre-order them by using the e-counters such as i-bon at convenient stores or order them from the NHI app.


Good deal right now: 2 boxes of MIT / MD stamped legit looking surgical masks for 500.

In a Japanese style drugstore “日藥本舖” newly opened in Nangang station / city link B2 level. Not on Google maps yet, near the TRA entry. Other locations might or might not offer this…

Look for deals in the most unusual places. Our neighborhood Sharp store is selling 2 boxes for 400 NTD. MIT, the works.


I just walk into the same pharmacy every two weeks and buy the government issued masks without a problem, no line, no pre-order. And if they have, as they do since about two months, I buy a couple boxes Taiwan made.


Do you mean like COSMED , POYA, and watsons, or the small independent ones?

Also anywhere else to get disposable N95’s?

Just don’t buy them at convenience stores like 7-11, those are marked up 2-3x

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For the rules regarding masks on public transportation, are you required to wear surgical masks, or can other types of masks suffice? The reason I ask is that they are reusable cloth masks with filters on the market so wouldn’t have to worry about buying new ones all the time.

After Carrefour was out (very early this year) I got 3M KN95 masks without valve at small and medium pharmacies. Those independent real pharmacies with NHI logo. Don’t think I saw them at the drugstores you mentioned. Sometimes saw some at 3M stores like for example in the Taipei Nangang CTBC financial building.

They are disposable,but if worn in a non-super-high-risk environment (which Taiwan public undoubtedly is) I feel safe wearing one for a week or so. By that time the rubber bands are getting weaker, compromising the seal around the face.

What do you mean by 3M stores? Literally the brand 3M like this?: 【豐億塑膠行】3M百利清潔用品 餐具 餐盒 OPP自黏袋 保鮮膜 工業膜 塑膠袋 垃圾袋零售批發
No. 35號, Fude 2nd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802
+886 7 723 6863

(CTBC is a bank as far as i can tell, so I’m a bit confused)

And for pharmacy, would you say something more like this: 辰安實業社-青年店
No. 185-1號, Qingnian 1st Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802
+886 7 368 5545

Or this (smaller): 家庭
1樓, No. 182號, Liuhe 1st Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800
+886 7 235 0808

There’s a new regulation starting dec 1, where masks are required at most places or you can be fined. I’ve been wearing masks all the time, I think ppl are getting careless. Winter season is coming.

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