Where to buy masks in Taiwan

Sorry I wasn’t very clear: “CTBC financial park” is a kind of shopping center in Taipei Nangang. They have a small 3M brand store that sells all kinds of home goods: sponges, masks, hooks, water filters, … There they sometimes have these masks.

Googling 3M CTBC brings this: https://www.ctbcfinancialpark.com/Shop/Detail/72

The 3M you linked looks different, not run by that brand itself. No idea if they carry the masks.

For pharmacies, both look good. I’d just check a few, some randomly have them.

This is the type I often found: 3M 9501. Made in china unfortunately. It should also be available online at pchome, Ruten, Momo etc. I guess.

I do this. It never has been an issue. I got cloth ones that are hollow and filters can be added and I attached strings on them. A lot use them with the surgical mask inside. I wash mine in the washing machine.

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Everyone realizes that masks with valve protect only you, not others.


Perfect thank you. The ones I use are new to the market. Filter is sewn into the mask but washable up to 50X.

Ah very cool. When you see them on the shelf, take a pic for me! I’m interested.


Do you recall how much they cost in store? I don’t really trust online purchases here.

Wildly varying, from overpriced to normal. I guess I mostly bought 5packs around 150-200.

Just make sure you get the version 9501, not 9501V with a valve. The valved one mostly protects you, not others. I only bought and used it for riding scooter, pre-pandemic

Thanks. I found a 2 pack of N95 for 150 in POYA (not 3M, some unknown company) but figured I’d see if the price could be less in one of the independent places. I’ll check them out.

The N95 ones made in Taiwan cost between 120 to 170 NTD depending on where you get them. Mostly hospital pharmacies.

The problem with 3M is that you have to check if the model on sale is medical use. Same with normal ones.

In the current trend for cute colors there are many masks being sold that are not medical grade so Buyer Beware. For example the most expensive ones at Cosmed are gorgeous but not mefical grade. Even some boxes of 50 being sold at shpps like J-mart are not medical grade but are sold legally. Ask before you buy.

120-170 each or for a pack?

I thought “medical grade” was a separate thing from N95 as well. In POYA they advised me some of the non-rated ones were medical grade and some weren’t, but that N95 was N95. What’s the difference if they’re medical grade or not?

120 pack of 2 if I am not mistaken.

Remember the 3M they were selling at Hola that were not medical grade? They were OK for painting and woodwork and other house repair/building stuff, handyman use. They cannot filter the smaller virus size pathogens but deal ok with particles. Check out the 3M website for further information.

While the cute masks sold are also 3 layer and waterproof etc they seem to lack an extra something that protects you and others. Seems to be the same principle as with charcoal masks which are great to defend you from pollen and pollutants but not from Covid or so I have read.


Some colorful masks may contain lead.

I sent my daughter some surgical masks. She’s a teacher and was wearing a cloth mask which made me nervous about how much protection she’d get from it. She wears a mask at the day start and leaves it in the trash at the day end.

I know the folks at MedTecs headquartered here in Taipei. These masks are made in the Philippines and the company owns the factory. There are cheaper masks out there.

Somehow, they are able to have free shipping from the Philippines to the US.

N95s would be hard to wear all day.