Where to buy nike+ipod shoe chip in taichung?

mine just died and not sure where i should check to get one. licensed apple store? any shoe stores? thanks for the help.

Nike store

Do we even have a Nike store in Taichung?

so helpful. thanks. you should write a guide book.

well, i’ve been to the nike/employee store here, but i’m not sure about any other ones. i was more looking for a specific place to buy one. i know i can get one at a nike store or at a legit apple store, but was just curious if someone had actually purchased one before.

Well I was going to buy mine at an Apple store and then found out they were cheaper and that you don’t need the i-pod if you buy the nike armband thing. Sorry, I thought I was being helpful. I’ll go crawl back under a rock.

haha, sensitive much? just joking around. i’m pretty new to taichung, so “nike store” didn’t really help. i was more hoping for someone that lived in taichung to actually tell me the location of a place to get one. also, you mentioned the ipod/arm band thing. i’m not looking for the receiver, i’m actually looking for the plastic chip thing you put in the shoe. anyways, doesn’t look like too many people know where to buy those things so i’ll ask a friend when he gets back next week.

Pm’d you - not that sensitive.

On a related note if anyone is using one and wants to compare/compete I am using one and linked it to facebook. I generally run between 4 and 5 km and am running just under 6minute kms at the moment.

just in case anyone else is interested, i found a shoe chip at jason’s apple store in little europe on jingcheng rd for $600 NT.