Where to buy reputable condoms as ABT?

Hey all,

A lot of threads about the topic seem to be centered on where to find condoms for girths of larger size. I’m ABT, so I figured I fall within the local Taiwanese male size metrics. I only ever used the overpriced Trojans in the US, but here I’m not so sure what the trusted brand is, let alone where to find them. I’m all for protection, so I’m willing to spend more on it if needed. I’m located in Taipei.

tl;dr where can i buy condoms as an ABT, and which condoms are trusted?



Not entirely sure why being born in America requires a special brand of condoms? Any pharmacy will have 3-4 different brands, and they’re all good quality. If you find you need a larger size, you’ll have to try the “adult” shops - they have a very eclectic selection.

TheyFit ships internationally, including to Taiwan.

Durex works fine for most people. I think it’s a European brand. You can find them at any Watson’s or at 7.

It’s like going through a medieval torture trying to get on a 7/11 Taiwan durex

I still have PTSD from the first and only time I tried this a decade ago.

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It would seem some kinds are worse than others, yes. I think it’s the ultra thin ones that are difficult to put on.

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Someone had mentioned that a certain Japanese brand was part of a government conspiracy to increase the population, due to its high failure rates. Does anyone remember the brand’s name?

go into any convenience store, up to the clerk at counter waiting on people and ask, 請問華僑用的保險套在哪裡?


Durex sells different sizes in different markets. In Japan you get 48mm width, in Taiwan 50-52, in Europe 56mm and up. All same brand.

Not the name but remember them and no way that was going on, and they all broke before any action. Fortunately as the lady was the highly responsible and generous type other methods needed to be used for detonation out of the danger zone

Yeah [quote=“hanna149, post:8, topic:181047, full:true”]

It would seem some kinds are worse than others, yes. I think it’s the ultra thin ones that are difficult to put on.

yeah the French love stud ones go on a bit better (told by a friend lol)

The intercity bus station has ads for “Safeway Guts,” whose slogan is “3 seconds clean.”

The website features a couple with a child, which is ironic.

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I miss those three-word English slogans in which words are tortured to perform improper lexical functions. The middle word is usually “your”. X your Y. “Safe your schlong”?

Are you presuming the size of our Member’s aspirations ? :wink:

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Never. All the info I give out is purely informational my dear sir.


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biggest I’ve found is Real Feel. The average width for condoms here is 48-52mm, this is 56mm. Makes a difference.IMG_2682

What are these made of if not latex?

can’t tell. They work though.