Where to buy reputable condoms as ABT?

polyisoprene, also used for tires, shoe soles etc

RT Mart sells 36 packs of “Beauty” condoms that are made in Thailand I think. Only like NTD$200.

52mm, hard as hell to open and put on, but it’s a great deal.

I’d rather pay a bit more than have to halt proceeding to get the plastic on lol


You’d think after all these years since the condom was invented they’d have found something better to put on than a condom. They’re not even reusable.

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She’s a bit of an alright

I hope the op has got the info he needed … I feel all you rude people will drag this down to a very low level :yum::wink:

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At my age some clerks look at me funny when buying rubbers.

I once used one to pleasure another woman
shit was so cash
although I should say woman means myself in this case
and shit was so cash means it didn’t fit my todger

Am I the only one who thinks unless you get those really crappy condoms, they all feel the same no matter what they say. And any textures on there for “Extra pleasure” does not do anything?

I don’t think the the shapes or bumps and all that really make much of a difference. A condom is a condom.

Although the thinness makes a pretty significant difference for men in terms of sensation.

But unless we are talking about those extra thick ones that is supposed to help you last longer or the really cheap ones. I don’t feel like any of the different thin types feel any different.

It’s not uncommon for an ABT to be a bit taller than the average height in Taiwan. Taller means typically also bigger feet. And bigger feet…

…means bigger shoes?


My todger is covered with warts and pusticules, and they drive the ladies wild.

See :yum: give them an inch and …

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So are most of the condoms lubed or do I have to buy lube?

This? NSWF Wikipedia Link (Hirsuties coronae glandis)


One study found them in 33.3% of males who had not been circumcised and in 7.1% of males who were circumcised.

I thought everybody had those… now I feel special.