Where to buy reputable condoms as ABT?

Most condoms are lubricated, but I’d buy lube anyway. Check the box, there’s English on most of them if you can’t read Chinese.

Hardly, they all suck

As Benny Hill may say , “I am sure they taste rubbery”


Can’t help ya on this one, my problem’s the other way around.

They’re not so bad. Definitely better than a baby.

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We need more Benny Hill posts.

Babies do suck, but that’s more the mother’s problem.


To the OP: Here’s a tip if you’re worried about that thing where it’s illegal to sell condoms to ABCs. Just bring them up to the counter and pay without saying anything. Smile and take your change, and they’ll figure you’re local.
Problem solved!

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Does anyone ever feel like people are staring when you buy condoms lol. Come on be honest got to be a few yes replies
Once I bought a box of those bumpy ones and the bar code wasn’t working , the service girl shouted over at her manager for help in processing the purchase. There was a big line behind me too

That’s when you ask, “sorry, do you know if these come in large”?


I noticed in Amsterdam they have vending machines for them, even in the airport.
I think there is an import tariff on rubbers in Taiwan.

Good grief. Seems they’ll try anything to boost the birthrate.

I’m sure I’ve posted it before, but the classic:


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I get looks sometimes when I buy condoms. I also get looks when I buy pads or tampons. And when I buy groceries. And when I walk, or talk, or breathe, or occupy space.

People just be lookin’ sometimes. They’re bored. They’re nosy. Whatever!

Unsurprisingly, I am the “stare back until they lose their nerve” type.

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One of the truly thought-provoking things about condoms here is how many of them have anime girls on the box.

I’d do Anime girls of they were real.
Gamora would be first on my list though.

lol no clue what’s going on there

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It’s culturally specific humour. Ben Elton is famously PC, while Benny Hill was famously non PC.

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That’s what I say. But none of my previous girlfriends seemed to liked me yelling wouldn’t the extra large ones be better for them as a joke.

I also accidentally bought adult diapers once for my gf. They were next to the pads and we were in a foreign country so I didn’t know wtf was going on.

How can people get a condom over their head when milimeters count penis wise?

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