Where to buy silver

Hello all, I have a question for you… Does anyone know where in taiwan to buy silver bullion or paper silver?
I recently started buying gold at BOT , which is a very simple enjoyable process but i am more interested in silver.
I have bought gold and silver through goldmoney.com but it’s expensive and troublesome and would prefer to find something closer to ‘home’

any suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated.


Apart from buying silver bars direct from a gold shop there is no way to invest here.

I also have goldmoney.com - it is good in some aspects for me - as I can transfer in and out with my UK account (no fees)
and I can even earn interest on my Sterling (my bank gives me none) but I don´t like the 5.xx% buy fee.

I have looked into the other options and Bank of China HK seems to be the best. I have already opened my
account. You can buy passbook silver in lots of 10oz priced in HK$. Same account also allows you to buy
gold and platnium. BoT gold passbook account is crap in my opinion as you have to do it by phone/branch -
you can´t take advantage of market moves. The difference (with BoT and Goldmoney) is you can get the physical gold if you have enough to make a bar (eg 100oz). BoC HK as well as the other banks in HK the system is you can´t withdraw the gold but only the HK$ value of the gold (once you withdraw the HK$ you can simply buy the gold they sell in the bank - price is about the same but that of course must be done in person).

They will give you a passbook but you simply run the account online. You will need to also open up a HK$ settlement
account again with a passbook - they won´t give you a debit card for the HK$ account. I have another HK account anyhow so I can transfer money in and out online and then pull with the other banks card.

bochk.com/web/common/multi_s … ldr_id=251

To open the account you will need to show up in person, passport, and proof of address.