Where to buy spring steel wires (Federstahldraht) and silver soldering gas, Modelcraft shop?


I’m new to Taiwan and was wondering if anyone knows where I can find such a product in Taipei?
The site is in German but through the pic, you can get an idea of what I’m looking for.

Qualitäts-Federstahldraht 1000 mm 2.5 mm - Spring Steel Wires 2.5mm Diameter

conrad.de/ce/de/product/2381 … 0-mm-25-mm
Normally I find these spring steel wires in model craft shops in Europe. Do they have such items in the model craft shops in Taipei?

I’m also looking for special silver soldering gas and silver solder.

rothenberger.com/products/ro … mpact/?L=1

This is mainly for metal work.
Hope someone can help me out on this. Best

There are model shops in Ximen at that Wannian building, but I don’t think they have what you’re talking about. You can try Taiyuan St. because they have shops selling various types of metal near the back end (away from the main station). As for silver solder I order mines from Lee Valley… I have some and use it to braze bandsaw blades. You’ll have to use borax as flux.

tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction … tsrch=srp3

These are probably what you’re looking for… they’ll work fine for brazing steel too, but the flux they include is worthless for the high temp. application and you’ll be better served with borax.

I do not know where to get MAPP but I’ve used butane thing used for lighting charcoal for BBQ with these silver solder chips and they seem to work fine, just takes a while to heat it.

Only MAPP gas device I can think of is here:

tw.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auction … tsrch=srp3

I think the cans are 400nt a piece.

Thanks Taiwan Luthiers for the infos!

But I have never used borax as flux nor the silver plates you mention in the link. How do i use it? Any tips?

Put the plate between your joint, sprinkle borax over the joint and heat it with a torch until red hot.

By the way do be careful asking for silver solder… because chances are they will give you that stuff designed for electronics work. While that will bond to steel (I tried it on bandsaw blades), it will not be strong enough to hold. That electronic stuff melts at maybe 200 degrees C if that. This silver solder I linked you to melts at around 700-800 degrees C depending on hardness. They contain quite a bit of silver hence the high price. It is designed for jewelry work.

Many thanks for the info!