Where to buy Tern Bike in Taiwan

Hi everyone,

I would like to purchase a Tern Foldable Bike when I am in Taipei March/April period. Where can I buy a brand new Tern in Taipei preferably with the available options for upgrade to say, better wheelsets or brake levers?

Tern has a forum where you could ask them directly. They have great PR. They’re also located in Taichung and might be able to supply you directly.

that’s a question for the birds, surely.

Seen 'em in a shop down here in Tainan if you fancy a day out down south.

Tern has mad accessories.

Website has location finder.

I went to a Dahon dealer today and they told me Tern is the same thing and now they sell Tern

Are they in fact the same mechanically and accessories?

That thing is rad. How’s the feel when doing road work on riverside bike paths?

They are ok (tern bike), good point is you can take them on all MRT and HSR, also pretty rigid and fast for a folding bike. But nowhere near the feeling of a good road bike.

If storage is an issue I would rather suggest a regular road bike and a vertical stand. But if you are planning to commute and travel with them and do some light exercise, folding bike makes sense.