Where to buy Toshiba notebook accessories?

I killed the power supply (part no. PA2450UE) of my old Toshiba Satellite 4090CDS notebook and need it urgently replaced.

Does anyone know a Toshiba notebook retailer in Taipei where I can get it?

Alternatively I could use any power supply with 15V / 3A output. Does anyone know an electronics store in Taipei where I can get such a thing?

Preferably near the NTNU university.

How much would an original Toshiba power supply and a generic one cost?

Thank you!

Official Toshiba retail distributor for Taiwan. Fing the contact info on the page somewhere, or try Google again like I did. I have had luck contacting the distributors for things like this.

Don’t expect any international warranties honored and just pay the price if you can accept it.


Thanks for the link to the distributor Hobart. They have a list of retailers
grainew.com.tw/Retail.asp?Se … %B9q%B8%A3
but unfortunately their website is in Chinese only.

I can’t read Chinese, can you? If yes, it would be great if you could translate me the English names and addresses of retailers in Taipei near NTNU, so near No. 162, HoPing E. Road, Sec.1, Taipei 106.

This would be a great help. Thank you!

There are a lot of those nearby your place, but those are retailers and they don’t care about RMAs unless they sold it to you. You can’t just contact the retailer. You need to set things up with the HQ or you are going to have to do some talking to get them help you at the retail shop as they most likely will say they can’t help you for various reasons.

Do you speak Chinese? Do you even know how to get to the place if I gave you the address?

The notebook (and therefore the power supply) is already around 5 years old and I bought it in Germany. So I don’t intend to get an RMA to send it to Toshiba for repair, since it would take ages and won’t be cheap either I guess.

All I want is to buy a new power supply quickly and easily. It’s the first time I need a Toshiba part and the first time I need to get such a thing in Taiwan (I’m only on a visit here).

Isn’t it possible just to buy one from a Toshiba retailer (or any other shop) without bigger problems? I don’t speak Chinese, but would find my way by taxi if I have some addresses in English (for me) and Chinese (for the driver) and hope to make myself clear in English in the shop(s).

Thanks for helping me who has no idea about how it works in Taiwan. :slight_smile:

Ah, I see, by power supply you simply mean the power cord not some internal component of the Notebook PC? If it is just the power cord, take it with you to the Computer market, Guang Hua Computer market or Nova and look around for a place that sells Toshiba notebooks, show them the part and ask how long to get it, etc. Maybe they have one in the shop if it is a generic non-specicfic. Take the part to the front desk of your hotel and explain to them, they can write down the Chinese characters to show the taxi driver to take you to a computer market. I suggest NOVA near the train station as it is more compact and not so spread out. Just look for someone selling Toshiba notebooks, perhaps even a generic power supply will work as long as is the same specifications.

Yes, it’s just the external power supply that’s integrated in the power cord. I went to Nova and bought a generic one from Kaming Co. Ltd. (kaming.com.tw).
Do you know this brand and if cheap power supplies bought in Taiwan can be trusted in general?
I also submitted a post in the tech section: [Power supplies from Kaming Co. Ltd. recommended?

I used generic power supplies for modems, tv tuners, etc. before, but never with expensive devices like notebooks and never bought them in Taiwan before. I’m worried the quality of locally sold electronics may be worse than the exported ones. Can you confirm or deny that?

The locally sold ones are usually exactly the same thing. It is too much trouble to make two different ones. I wouldn’t worry about it. Everything is made here anyway. How did you feel about the people selling it? Did they pull it out of a cardboard box covered in dust and then the guy spit on the floor looked at you and said 100NT?

If the shop seemed permanent and halfway reputable and the people selling it didn’t sport dozens of tatoos and look both ways as they sold you things out of a suit case, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

How much did it cost?

By the way, if the company that sold it put their brand name on it and and you found they have a website then I wouldn’t worry about it.

It cost 590 TWD and the shop was OK, but the box was quite dusty so it should have been lying in the shop for a while.
I started using it anyway now and it worked fine the last days, hopefully in the future too. Thanks for sharing your opinions Hobart!