Where to buy US or Taiwan?

Perhaps this has been discussed. If so where on this board? I did some searches. I am from Georgia so cut me some slack. We aren’t very bright folks. Anyways, I want to buy a laptop. I am interested in an IBM or another model from a reputable western company. I’m sure Taiwan has some good brands but I am not interested. I will be here another 4 months and am wondering if it would be cheaper to buy it here or back in the US. Thanks

Don’t know where it’s cheaper but they do sell IBM here, too. Warranty isn’t an issue as far as I know (IBM gives worldwide) but you may want to consider if you need a Chinese keyboard layout and/or Chinese OS - in which case I would buy here.

Maybe if you state the exact model someone could give you a price for comparision.

you do realize that almost all the laptops made by “reputable western companies” are actually made by taiwanese companies, right? they pretty much give the taiwanese companies the design they want, and the taiwanese company makes it with the nice hp or dell or ibm case and then send it back to the us.

25% of all laptops in the world are made by quanta, a taiwanese company. including many of the laptops that dell, hp, gateway, apple, and ibm sell.

if you really only want name brand laptops, it’s cheaper in the states. but don’t discount the quality of the no-name laptops in taiwan just because you’ve never heard of them. chances are they were made by the people who also made that highly regarded thinkpad or gorgeous powerbook you’ve been eyeing.