Where to buy Wahl Products (hair clippers) in Taiwan/Taipei?

I’m looking for some Wahl hair clipper products in Taiwan. I couldn’t find an appropriate (low shipping cost) online shop. Now I’m asking about any store distributing such product?

This place sell Wahl hair clippers , however looks like is a pet salon

Also there is a Taiwan website , but doesn’t show where to buy , only the product description


Note this is filtered from highest price to lowest so work down the list, if you have a particular model you’re interested in then add it to the search box.

Thanks this sound promising. However, I don’t know how cridible the site/seller is. I also find similar things here:

Are these website reliable? esp the ruten.com.tw seems to have the local purchase option at 7-11 which seems great, never had experience before.

Thanks. That’s is unfortunately limited to pet specific clippers and the wahl.com.tw I saw it but there is no information relevant to a distributor.

I haven’t had an issue with private sellers here as yet, obviously if something looks too good to be true it likely is so use your own judgement. If you want warranty etc. probably best to stick to larger established websites.

For what it’s worth, a trend I noticed this spring in US airports is that there were very large, very new vending machines selling small electric appliances as well as headphones (they were like doublewide vending machines fitted out for much larger items than food or drink). I stopped by a couple, in San Francisco and in Austin, and both sold Wahl and Braun clippers, for hair and for beard. Don’t know if TPE has them yet, but it can only be a matter of time I reckon.

No idea about how reasonable the hair clipper prices are, but the headphone prices were just only slightly above market prices. Might be useful info in a pinch.

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Hey did you ever find a good place to buy Wahl in Taiwan?

why dont you guys just search Shopee? Like everytime